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Restaurant ELLA

During my time at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany, I created a series of drawings with the title “Angstpferd” (Fearful Horse). The drawings were inspired by a fountain in the garden of my favorite museum in Munich, the Lenbachhaus, where I spent many afternoons. The last time I visited the Lenbachhaus was in 2018 where I saw an exhibit with drawings by Kubin. I don’t like the modern extension of the museum but it includes a restaurant named “ELLA”, written in capital letters as in my signature. I wanted to find out the history of this place since I didn’t remember seeing it when I still lived in Munich. Then I learned why the restaurant was named “ELLA”. It was named after Gabriele Münter who was affectionately called ELLA by her partner Wassily Kandinsky – who is the main influence in regards to my work as an artist.


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