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My Story

I decided to write a book about how my life went so far. Here is a short first draft excerpt from my time in Vienna:

"I found a room in an apartment through a newspaper ad. I lived there with two women, both a bit older than me. They didn’t like me and I didn’t like them, so I was quickly looking for a different place to stay. I found a room in the downtown district, close to retail and department stores, coffee houses, restaurants and bars. I lived there with the landlord lady and her much younger boyfriend. Helga was a chain smoker and alcoholic but despite her being in her early fifties her skin looked like it was made of porcelain. She had an old dog that had a dog bed in the bathroom and a lot of air in his stomach which was most likely caused by the amount of pizza that was fed to him. One of Helga’s friends worked at a pizzeria. He came over on a regular basis, brought leftovers from the restaurant, and had a few drinks with Helga. Helga’s boyfriend was quite abusive and after he tried to break into my room and force me to have dinner with him, I decided it was time to move again. I found a room in an amazing old apartment that I shared with six other people, two of them students at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. My room was the biggest and it looked even bigger due to the lack of furniture. The only piece of furniture was a bed that someone gave me for free. I worked sitting or perching on the floor, creating many paintings and drawings. The room also gave me plenty of space for dancing and good acoustics for singing."


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