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Violent Silence

When I created the booklet for my debut album “Ineffable Desire”, I did proofread everything several times, together with my partner. Four eyes see more than two – so we thought. But both of us didn’t see that one mistake: That the lyrics for “Violent Silence” were assigned to the wrong person, T.C. , instead of me. There are lyrics that I wrote that are more important to me than other lyrics. And the lyrics for “Violent Silence” were always quite important to me.

I was still living in Germany when I wrote the lyrics. The bedroom of the small apartment was also my music studio, workout space, and living room. I lived there together with my first partner and two dogs. There was also a nice little bathroom and a kitchen. The photo that I used for the album cover was taken in the square shaped hallway of this apartment. I played around with Photoshop not really knowing what I was doing and there it was, the picture for the cover.

Back to the lyrics – when I couldn’t sleep one night, I got up and went into the kitchen (which was also my partner’s office space). I sat down with a pen and a sheet of paper and wrote the lyrics for “Violence Silence”. They were very close to me at that time. That is probably the main reason why it bothers me so much that I made the mistake in the booklet.

You can read the lyrics and listen to "Violent Silence" here:

Violent Silence is a collaboration with the fantastic Shinji Imai a.k.a. mode complex.

Ella Blame Photo for Ineffable Desire Cover


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