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I began to play the violin when I was five years old. My first teacher was an older lady whom I liked very much. But I didn’t necessarily learn very much. She lived in an apartment building that had a music store on the ground floor. My next teacher was a lady that I couldn’t stand and I was almost afraid of her. I remember me walking to her house with my violin. I was nine years old at that time. My next teacher was a surfer type of guy. Always smiling and he had a red sports car with retractable roof. I liked him. He made house visits but one day he didn’t come over for the violin lesson. Later we found out that he had committed suicide by jumping out of a window. My next teacher was a short chubby man with very little hair that he combed from one side to the other side of his head. When he played with a lot of emotion, his hair fell over to both sides and he was completely bald on top. He was a Kurd from Turkey. And he was by far my best teacher. I learned so much from him.

I played until I decided to concentrate on my art and to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. I just stopped playing. Just when I was getting really good. The violin was sold and I didn't think about ever playing again until a few years ago when I bought an electric violin. I wanted to use it for recordings but quickly lost interest. About two years ago, I began to play it again. I gave up after about two months. A few days ago, I began to play again and this time it feels different. I remember more and play better. So I decided to buy an acoustic violin. I found a violin from the early 20th century. It will arrive next week.


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